Susan is an inspiring leader and coach.

She has helped me improve my leadership skills through a combination of emotional intelligence development, situation evaluation, contextual changes. This awoke in me an understanding of my essential self and how I can contribute best to the success of my organization.

She has a unique ability to uncover the emotions and behaviors that may be causing failures in interactions with your colleagues or clients. She challenges your assumptions by making you take the other party’s perspective, think what others might be thinking about you, and determine how you can see that before, during and after crucial business moments.

Susan transmits her deep caring for you as an individual to you in every interaction. Her focus is always on your goals, both short-term and long-term, and how to help you realize the two in succession. It is refreshing to work with someone that knows her inner purpose and sheds that light every time you interact. I consider her a close confidant, a major supporter of my executive evolution, and a major contributor to my successes over the past two years.

Executive within the Insurance Industry

My EQ-i session with Susan has helped me advance in many ways, both personally and professionally.

By taking the assessment and having the follow up session with her, I became much more clear about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Because these strengths and weaknesses have been magnified in such a way, I now lead with much more intentionality.

Being hyper aware of my patterns as a leader has really allowed me to step back, look at the big picture, and refine my decision-making process. In the last few weeks, I’ve made more sound decisions. And this has been necessary since my company, New Mindfulness Inc., is in the process of scaling, and every decision I make as CEO alters our company’s entire life trajectory. I am forever grateful for Susan extending her gift to me!

Working with her has proven to be crucial to the development of my company! If you are serious about growing into a stronger leader, having a sit down with Susan is a MUST!

CEO, Health & Wellness Brand

Susan shined a light in every corner—she didn’t allow me to hide one thing.

That proved most helpful when it came to making the tough decisions. Everyone should have such a dedicated partner and coach. Her challenges and questions to my way of thinking helped me shift and see things differently.

Human Resources Executive (Dallas)

Susan has a positive collaborative style that helped me to build my thinking whilst also keeping me on track towards my objectives

Susan demonstrated active listening and showed a genuine interest in supporting me to work on the subjects I chose. I felt that she was genuinely interested in me as a person and so she established trust in a short space of time. She helped me to design my actions and held me accountable for progress from session to session.

Chief Executive Officer (London)

Susan is an expert Executive Coach, Business Owner, and overall wise woman.

I would highly recommend her! I truly appreciated our time together, the space she held for me, the introspective questions she asked to help me move forward on my goals, and the items she shared regarding her own business processes and systems.

Chief Marketing Officer (Ohio)