Speaking at Your Event

Susan Gilell-Stuy is a sought after speaker, seasoned executive coach with more than two decades of experience working with high-level and C-suite executives and their teams, and the host of the Lead With It podcast.

Whether you’re creating a new culture initiative, developing your leaders’ emotional intelligence or trying to navigate through conflict or thrive amid change Susan’s insights and strategies will inspire individuals, teams and organizations to go beyond the ordinary to realize their highest potential by identifying what makes them unique as leaders…and showing them how to lead with it.

Here are just a few topics she can speak to:

  • Lead With It: How to identify what makes you unique and use it to tap your potential and lead with power
  • Misleading: How blindly following leadership trends and types can get in the way of your success
  • The myth about strengths: How tunnel vision around the strength-finding trend can limit your leadership growth
  • How to manage, engage, and collaborate with irrational people without losing your cool