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Individual Executive Coaching

Becoming an influential leader is a process consisting of experiences, relationships, and understanding your unique skill set. As in life outside of work, you can’t be everything to everyone. Instead, we hone in on your individual leadership skills to craft a plan for action that sets you up for success and elevates your entire team. Stepping into your role as a leader – authentically and naturally – should feel comfortable, not like you ’re acting it out. I can help you find your path and get comfortable with your unique makeup. Brilliant leadership is rooted in connection. Forgetting that important factor can cause a fragmented team and disappointing results.

Let me show you how to connect and focus on your strengths.

Together, we will:

  • Polish your personal leadership behaviors and perfect your presence as a leader
  • Define your values so you can lead confidently, pushing yourself beyond plateaus and on to higher levels of action
  • Understand how change and challenge can reveal your true strengths and help you shine
  • Embrace a culture of possibility that promotes high standards, experimentation and learning
  • Help your team not only see your vision but to live it by creating an optimistic view of the future and inspiring them to achieve
  • Balance your individual skills and ambitions with that of your organization so you can understand how they work together
case study

What it’s like to work with me in this way.

Jonathan is a successful 35-year-old  mid-level executive for a financial firm. He is rapidly climbing the corporate ladder and his most recent promotion will put him in a leadership position. This is his first role of this type and he is a bit insecure about the new expectations. He wants to lead, be respected, and effective without falling into the traditional, tired traps of corporate leadership. He works with Susan to get in touch with his strengths and his weaknesses so he can better understand how to manage his team and create an innovative environment.

Challenge: Experience. Despite his impressive resume and experience, Jonathan is new to this level of leadership. He knows what he’s admired (and disliked) with bosses and supervisors in the past. He wants to become a new type of executive – one that is emotionally intelligent, engaged and powerful because he can see all facets of his leadership style. He is insecure about his lack of experience.

Corporate Leadership Coaching

The modern workplace looks much different than it did a decade ago. Employees expect more from their leaders in every facet of the corporate mosaic. They want human leaders, visionaries, and confident coaches.
Your team wants to not only understand your vision but share in creating it through feedback, goal setting and genuine communication. They connect with purpose and creativity beyond an outlined plan. Assembling a diverse group of people together to solve problems is not only profitable – it’s productive.
One-to-one and team coaching are critical elements of your talent development strategy. During our time together, we will focus on creating an employee experience culture that creates a more innovative, powerful problem-solving mindset that promotes multi-leveled success.

Our leadership development process includes:

  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Leadership and Team Assessment
  • Leadership Education
  • Strategic Consulting
Case study

What it’s like to work with me in this way.

Mary Anne is a late 40’s tech executive. She has decades of corporate experience and is well respected in her field. She has recently been brought on as CEO of a quickly growing start-up company. The team is younger and less experienced in business as she is, yet extremely innovative and smart. Their lack of real-world business tactics are a major weak point within the company. Hired by a Venture Capital firm, Mary Anne must gain the team’s trust and prove her strength. She looks to Susan to help her see beyond her ingrained strengths and understand where her weaknesses can play in her favor. She wants to be a more well-rounded leader, rather than the stuffy old-school managers she had when she was a younger exec.

Challenge: Trust. Mary Anne must gain the trust and respect of her new company. She fights the stereotypical opinions the title CEO brings. She wants to make real changes and some of those choices are difficult. She wants the team to value her leadership and look to her for guidance, not as an adversary.

Speaking and Workshops

A sought-after speaker, Susan Gilel-Stuy is a captivating storyteller and an experienced leader with invaluable insight into the corporate leadership environment.

Susan’s advice, strategies, and stories will inspire your team and motivate your leaders. Whether you’re navigating a sea of change, dealing with inter-team conflict, or developing your leaders’ emotional intelligence – Susan has experienced and overcome the challenge. Her unique ability to tell an engaging story is relatable and powerfully connective. Her impressive career as both a coach and executive leader gives her unique insight into today’s corporate challenges.

Here are just a few topics she can speak to:

  • How to identify what makes you unique and use it to tap your potential and lead with power
  • How blindly following leadership trends and types can get in the way of your success
  • How tunnel vision around the strength-finding trend can limit your leadership growth
  • How to manage, engage, and collaborate with irrational people without losing your cool
case study

What it’s like to work with me in this way.

The Audience is made up of new business school graduates, mid-level managers, and higher ranking executives. These on-site workshops are paid for by schools and companies wishing to educate their current and next generation of leaders in a new, more intelligent style of leadership. A new era of corporate business is in motion and companies want to have stronger, happier, more inventive employees that feel understood by their superiors. Susan is hired to help attendees see the big picture, uncover new opportunities, and to instill more trust in their own instincts.

Challenge: Status Quo. The corporate leadership workshop is not a new concept. We must fight the opinion that this is “just another seminar” and portray an exciting, invigorating, educational experience that will help them succeed AND lead. These workshops aren’t the old way of doing things, they are essential training for today’s businesses. Susan’s personal approach makes these workshops human and engaging.

“Working with Susan on Individual Executive Coaching helped me shape my career in a new way. The process was in-depth, actionable and I actually looked forward to our sessions.”
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