Your Core Values

What Do You Hope To Accomplish in 2015?

Jan 05

With 2015 just beginning, we begin to reflect on what went well and what didn’t in 2014. We begin to focus on what we need to do differently in the coming year.  Although our specific goals and resolutions for 2015 might be different, the desire, drive and motivation to pursue them are the same.  Each and every one of us hopes and wants the upcoming year to be better than the last.  We want to be happy, fulfilled and successful.

There is no secret formula for living a happier and more fulfilled life; however, the research on flourishing and life satisfaction reveals that the most significant contributor to happiness comes from aligning one’s core values with every aspect of our lives.  We each view the world from a different perspective and contribute differently.  It is our innate, intrinsic and unchanging nature that forms the basis of our core values and beliefs.  Understanding how and what motivates us to achieve our goals, interact in the world the way we do and engage with others is based on who we are on a deeper, unchanging level.

So as you embark on your year-end checkup, the first step is to discover and understand on a deeper level who you are at your core, what you value, believe and how you express that energy in the world.  This knowledge provides the insight and inspiration to define how you will choose to experience life in the upcoming year and give you the information you need to align your goals, strategies and tactics with who you are intrinsically and innately.

I encourage you as you begin to map out your plans and goals for 2015 to take the time to discover and understand your genuine desires, the energy that drives and governs how you show up in the world and in relationships.  This information will enable you to create goals for the upcoming year that support and reflect your core values and nature.  By keeping your focus on what is most important for you to be happy and fulfilled, your can pursue your goals and resolutions in 2015 with more passion, enjoyment and energy.

My wish for all of you in the New Year is to flourish and have the success and fulfillment that you desire.